Is Google crawl/index blogs faster than websites?

Lots of Newbies asks Why does Google crawl/index blogs faster than a normal site??

Google crawls sites faster when it thinks they are more important/popular, and when they have regular new content. Sites that are rarely updated won’t be crawled as much, and sites that Google doesn’t think much of won’t be crawled as frequently either.

Just from my experience I have seen Wordpress sites get crawled and indexed very fast. It is just anecdotal evidence, but for some reason they seem to love the Wordpress blog platform, perhaps it is the pinging service that helps.

It might seem faster because blogs typically add one new page at a time, so the search engines do not have to crawl lots of new pages, but I have personally seen a new blog post published, crawled, indexed and ranking within 30 seconds. That might not be the case all the time, but it was pretty impressive when I did see it happen.

it could be due to the pinging service of wordpress rss.

Completely agree. Every minute hundreds of people publish a new blog entry on blogsites like blogspot and wordpress so they have fastest crawl rate… when you publish a post on these sites then you can see the next second Google crawl your post.

As Stevie D has stated, Google will crawl a site if it has regular, potentially important content. A blog would fall into the category of a site being updated regularly with important information.

I can say with some certainty that the script used to implement the blog will probably mean nothing to Google.

Yeah Google indexes blog faster than sites. Because in blogs you have ping service, you do a ping a lot of the times Google will come and crawl you. But in site you have to submit site maps and Because site map submission does not guarantee that Google will crawl the URLs on that list.

So don’t waste your time to wait for Google to come to you and index and crawl your site, instead of this do some link building tactics like article submission and social bookmarking to get indexing faster and increase your SERP.

It really depends on how frequently you are upgrading your website content and how well your website is programmed. Blogs like wordpress are programmed for each of use and browsing and crawlers loves visiting those site.

However, you must create and submit xml sitemap to Google and other search engines for crawlers to assist in crawling your website.

This is 100% wrong. Google couldn’t care less about how your site is developed. WordPress will be crawled at exactly the same rate as any other page of the same functionality. If you replaced WordPress with static files they’d be crawled at exactly the same pace.

It is true that Google does not care about what platform your site is published on, but the rate at which your site is crawled is roughly dependent on your page rank. So the higher your page rank the more likely your site will be crawled faster.

Below is an interview from Matt Cutts from about a year and a half ago where he touches on the relationship between page rank and crawl rate.
Matt Cutts: “Google Crawls According To PageRank”. A Must See Video For Bloggers

Google crawl blogs faster because of their automatic pinging system, but originally google is looking for fresh contents.

Normally whenever the blog is updated we regularly do ping blog service to specify different search engine that your blog has updated. So if you do ping a lot of time Google will come and crawl you but often its Google blog search

Generally Blogs are Updated Frequently comparable to Websites!! Another Reason could be CMS!! Wordpress based Blogs are indexed Faster as compared to other CMS based Blogs!!

o rly?

faster than blogs, which google owns ???

Yes i do have seen that blog posts get indexed faster than that of web pages itself. I will not give any credit to any automated pinging system. The reason is, blog publishing platforms are also used for building websites like sites in wordpress. In such cases do Google indexes those sites faster than others. Obviously not.

I think the main logic is categorization of websites. When google bot finds a blog it categorize in a different way rather than general websites. These blog categories are crawled more frequently as blog can provide more fresh content than website itself.

I feel that blogs, specifically blogspot blog are fastly crawled as it is stored in google db and all of its template has standard structure for them to crawl easily. Also, other blogs has some standard template which make google crawler feel easy to crawl.
But websites needn’t have any definite structure and that might be the problem :slight_smile:

Yeah. Blogs in blogger get indexing very fast. And in certain cases they get indexed even if they don’t have any content at all. It happened with me 2-3 times. lol… But certainly if you make a good site and even have only 1 article and go and make just 1 backlink from a high pr site you will get indexed pretty fast.

I agree with you so it is said place the your website’s link where those who have high index rate because when those websites get indexed then definitely your website is gonna index early.

yah Google crawler read free blogs first, i mean word perss and blogger blogs after that it read domain blog.

wow, we sure have a wide range of (sometimes contradictory) opinions in this thread

i think i’m gonna wait for an honest seo person (if that’s not an oxymoron) to provide factual data on this topic