Is fading one HTML page into another possible with Jquery?

Kind of what heading has stated:

Ive got a button which when clicked takes you to another standard page of portfolio sites Ive created, but I was wondering is it possible to create an effect like a slideshow or “toTop = (Jquery plugin)” movement to crossover to the new page, thus adding a more dynamic approach ?

Thanks all :slight_smile:

I’m not sure. But it’s not uncommon to have one bit of content on the same page fade into another after a click. So the page is broken into sections, only a part of the page content visible at a time.

I agree with ralph, normally when sliding/fading/transitioning content you either have it split up into sections on the one page or use Ajax to dynamically load it into the page. Depending on the amount of knowledge you have will depend on the route you need to go but personally for me Ajax is a much faster and cleaner approach.