Is content/code ratio important?

I am a modest SEOist and I try to optimize my blog. I read a lot of blog posts and threads about content/code ratio. Is it still important? Some say that it is while others claim it has no relevance. What do you think about?
My blog has a 9% content/code ratio which is pretty low. Do you have any idea of making it around 15%?
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Need to be 75% of code and 25% of content

You were joking, weren’t you?

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Really? You think there should be 3 times as much code as there is content?

Can you explain that answer to us?

I think it depends on the search engine?

  • what mime type is a search engine using to work with the HTTP Response?
  • does it consider CSS and external files as code or content?
  • does the search engine have a maximum allowed response limit?
  • does it parse the DOM and marginalize / disregard certain or even all page elements?
  • finally, other than the content alone, would a search engine really care about the code ratio?

My feeling is a search engine probably uses semantics to some extent, but would spend more on the content than any ratio.

@aijhones55 if you know otherwise please explain. tia

'Way back in the olden days, search engines only read the first so-many characters of a page. If the top of your page was filled with meta tags, scripts and other clutter, search engines left before they reached the actual content. However, this hasn’t been an issue with the major search engines for many years now.

Perhaps @aijhones55 accidentally put the figures back to front and meant 25% code to 75% content? That would seem a bit more sensible, but I’d still want to see an authoritative (e.g. Google or Bing) source for such figures before I’d start worrying about them.


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