Is Communication as important as Technical Skills?

Being a freelancer i have a probelem in business communication and that is a must because as a freelancer i need to the marketing of my services and everything. because of that communication is essential to the development of your business but also for yourself.
i am more technical than commercial.
do you think i have to work on the communication and commercial side or just focus myself on my technical skills.
thank you in advance
wesley daniel chain

How is the marketing of your services going? Are you getting enough work? Do you think you would get more or better paid jobs if your communication skills were better?

[font=calibri]Communication skills are vital, whether you’re a freelancer or an employee. Unless you are so gifted that clients are queueing up to get a chance to beg you to work for them, or you have guaranteed tenure on a job for life, you will need to sell your skills to clients or employers, and to do that you need to have good communication. As Guido says, you’ll be able to judge whether your communication skills are holding you back at the moment, but you also need to look to the future.

Start with the basics. That post you just made, for example – on the basis of that, I wouldn’t even look at hiring you to do what I would call “mental” work (“physical” work might be different). Ten missing capital letters, and more besides. Now maybe when you’re writing for work, you put more effort in, you go back and proofread it, you don’t send out material with basic spelling and punctuation mistakes. But why allow yourself to get into bad habits? Don’t think “Oh, it’s just a forum post, it doesn’t matter”, make a point of getting your writing right every time. Sure, there’s no need to spend hours going over every little thing with a fine-tooth comb, but just put in a bit of effort to get the basics right, and it will become instinctive. If you’re doing technical work, you need to be able to present yourself as intelligent and educated to win the confidence of people who don’t know how good you are at your job.[/font]

Communication skills is as vital whether you work for somebody or work as a freelancer .As being a freelancer you need to explain your clients about your services through better communication . Until and unless the client is eager to work with you communication is not a problem because they might have seen your work. Also work related to Technical aspects one needs to have a better communication for explaining the work standards. I think that one could brush up on your communication skills and put his work experience in it and convey it in an orderly manner.

In my experience I found that communication is one of the most important parts of my whole life (not just business life). I used to not believe in acquiring social skills reading books but then I tried one and saw that I’ve been doing a lot of stuff the wrongest way possible. After a couple of tries I saw that people’s attitudes towards me changed.

I believe that is enough to at least try. What do you think?

Yup – communication is a key part of any job. You need it to convey relevant information and also to market yourself. As much as we probably all hate to admit it out loud, it is very hard not to judge someone’s professional ability if we get an email from them that doesn’t make sense or is full of mistakes. The same goes for verbal communication. You need to be able to understand and communicate with someone in order to have a good relationship with them.

Best of luck. :slight_smile:

I can tell you by personal experience that communication is vital. The clearer you are, the better. Without being too blunt, of course. We all get a bit annoyed if we think that it is a personal attack… even if you just want to say “Hi, how are you?”

Communication is important in every aspect of our lives, the people who do more technical work isn’t an exception. To get new clients, you have to communicate effectively with them. You have to proofread all of your writings, have some kind of guidelines or a standard way of communicating with your potential clients. You could read some literature, watch learning videos on communication skills, that could help a lot. You have to learn how to market your self. One thing that could help is a well made portfolio page (if you don’t have one). There, you should put your previous work, maybe some comments from your previous clients etc.

I thunk, they are both very important

I used to not believe in acquiring social skills reading books but then I tried one and saw that I’ve been doing a lot of stuff the wrongest way possible.