Is buying traffic to marketing or advertising agencies worth it?

Has anyone here tried buying traffic to traffic advisers? Is it worth it?
For those who have experienced buying traffic, what can you say about your experience?

Thanks in advance!

Buying traffic will help your website promotion but make sure that traffic provider is not a scam

How? Surely the visitors you want to attract are those who are interested in your site and choose to visit it?

I can’t see how bought traffic is likely to benefit your site in any way - any more than buying “followers” on Facebook or Twitter. You need to encourage genuine visitors, not look for some quick statistical fix.


Don’t do it. Your audience needs to arrive naturally. Think about it … if you booked a holiday to Greece and ended up in Rotherham would you hang around?

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Expounding on / reinforcing the others here. Bought traffic is only really useful if your only job is traffic statistics. If it is, it serves your self interests to recommend bought traffic. If you have any other investment here - the well being of the organization, or of the user; leads and sales; user education or entertainment; pretty much anything except for traffic counts - bought traffic is a massive waste of your money, and your viewers’ time - and in some cases, if distastefully done (most of the time?) it’ll lower your reputation with the online community.


Ya buying traffic will surely worth it but before buying anything check out all the details because there’s a lot of fraud happening.

The three posts above yours have all explained why buying traffic is not worth it.

If you disagree, then please provide some evidence or argument to back up your statement, otherwise it is of little help to the OP.

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