Is building a database driven website the same as building a basic CMS?

Is it? Can you please list some examples of database driven sites you have built? Or have come across that aren’t built on the readymade platforms? What platform is SitePoint built on? Is it something like Wordpress or is it fully custom built with entirely hand written code?

I am pretty sure even a basic cms would require a database.
“cms” stands for content management system. I mostly use wp right now and am still learning as i go along. But have done tutorials and exercises building a “basic” one w/xampp.
It all depends on how much work you are willing to put into it.

btw, xampp is free. so is wamp i believe and so is notepad++, so you are good to go.

Pretty sure this site is run on vBulletin, which is a commercial software that is specifically for message boards.

“database-driven website” is a pretty outdated term; very, very few modern websites do not use databases these days; the 5 page static site is a thing of the past (these days companies just create a facebook page instead).

Many websites that are not eshops, message boards or blogs are built using a framework (Zend, Laravel, Symfony, Codeigniter, etc), or built from scratch.

Well I would say that in the simplest of forms a CMS provides a UI to change pages/state without programming. So by that definition any website that provides an admin/UI regardless of how minimal is essentially running on some kind of CMS.

I realize that databases and connecting them to your site can be a pretty overwhelming subject. And you might be trying to avoid it.
But you do have a lot of free resources available. I really like phpacademy they have youtube course on setting up your own cms and they also have great css & php tutorials. I’d guess so does learnable, has one as well. all you need to do is set some time aside to learn it. go trough the vids/courses and practice along.
Even if you decide to go w/a cms like wordpress you’ll still be better able to understand it.