Is anyone using a samsung galaxy s2?

is there anyone who can give me the pros and cons of the samsung galaxy sII i’m planning on buying one before the year ends.

dude I am using Samsung Galaxy S II , and in my point of view it has got almost everything as per the current time’s needs!! in fact SII has got the upgrades to get Ice Cream sandwich 4.0 !! Go for it!

SII won over iphone4 actually. so grab one now. Its the phone I’ve ever had. You can actually say its best when you have handle the phone on your own.

Yes I got one too. It’s superb!!! Best phone I’ve had. Although to be fair it’s not really a phone, it’s a mini computer. You can do pretty much anything on this thing, that you can do on an iPad. I’d highly recommend

Woo, this makes me more excited to have Samsung Galaxy SII. I’m actually thinking to buy it this weekend. More great reviews would be helpful, Please. :slight_smile:

The Galaxy S III is coming out in April, so you might want to hold off until then, either for the new model, or discounts on the S II

hwow! galaxy SIII… now i really am confused on what to buy. I think I’ll wait for the s3 to come out and choose which one has the ideal specs and price range. I’m also eyeing the HTC phone. although it’s much more expensive than the s2. guess i’ll find out when S3 is released next month. is it really this April 2012 or April next year? the release date of s3 i mean.

April this year, possibly may slip back to May

yes i am use this mobile you can use lots of features here and you can got any shop very reasonable price thanks.

I’m using an S2 right now. All in all, I am satisfied with what it’s giving me. But the battery lasts only for a day.

The Samsung S II is great - beats the HTC Desire range and the iPhone.

However, it is getting long-in-the-tooth for a mobile phone. The new HTC One’s look nice - one of them is a quad core beast!

I would look at them first before going with the S II.



It’s definitely better than HTC. Super AmoLED technology gives you excellent screen quality. Today all phones in that class will give you similar performances, but the screen is the first and most important impression, so I would deffinitely give this model a try. I own S1 model, but S2 is just better, more slim and more CPU power.

I also love the S2 but i also want to get the new HTC. my friend has the latest HTC phone and it looks more techie than the S2. oh well better choose wisely but i would certainly go with the s2 or wait for the s3 to come out.

my husband got rid of his iphone 4 and is using thne galaxy and loves it sooo much
iphone / itunes = tons of complicated trouble

I am using samsung galaxy s2 and i love it. It is far better then the iphone 4 i had before. You just cant beat android.

I’ve had the Galaxy S2 for about a week now and I’m pretty happy so far. But I would very much like to remove the pre-installed software that comes with it.


Get a blackberry instead, they are much better.

Pretty much all that needs to be said had been said.