Is Affiliate Marketing Dead?


Around 18 months I started to build an affiliate site. However, I started to read that affiliate marketing was dead and that Google was penalising affiliate sites.

I then went to college for 12 months and along with a full time job I didn’t have time to pursue affiliate marketing. However now I have finished college I am looking to research affiliate marketing once again.

Is it dead?

When I search key terms the sites that come up 98% merchant or drop-shipping sites selling products through their own site.

In my opinion, affiliate marketing is not dead. It simply requires more work now as search engines have become smarter in pinning down thin affiliate sites with little to no useful content.

If you look at websites that are doing very well with affiliate marketing like WPBeginner, they offer second-to-none content within the niche that they are in. Take cues from them. Focus all your efforts on building one outstanding website within a niche rather than building a ton of thin sites if you want to see some earnings from your content sites via affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is absolutely not dead…In fact many people on here are making a full-time living doing affiliate marketing…It’s all about finding the right strategy…Lately I have been successful with YouTube…Find something that works for you and stick with it…

no of course in real there are more cpa companies will be the best nex years like (peerfly_ maxbounty) also using 7 search to search for good keywords for your affiliate work

I don’t think affiliate marketing is dead. I see a lot of affiliate offers online. They’re still making money out of it. I think Google is penalizing those who use Black Hat techniques. If you can’t own a business or get a job, online affiliate marketing is one of the better options to support yourself. It can be legal, so I don’t think it’s justifiable to obliterate the entire industry.

I think it is very much alive and kicking. The trick is in your approach, i.e. choose a topic that you know about and then choose the right product or service to promote. Success in this industry comes with perseverance. You will probably need to change your strategy a couple of times as well. To me, it is fun, but it also requires effort. Welcome back!

Nope, not dead at all. I am an affiliate manager at MochaHost since an year and a half. We are getting more applications than last year and more of them are making actual money. So it all depends on the approach I suppose. You can still optimize your website, Google penalized mainly websites that used black hat methods for their SEO, the rest of the techniques can still be used.


What are the best techniques to use these days?

I always struggle with getting backlinks.

I am completely newbie in this domain but I have researched about that and got some positive and negative reviews too.Mostly I have got its not getting down but it’s depending upon the region.Its in booming in few region.

Affiliate marketing is alive and kicking!

The real truth is that it’s a lot harder than it used to be. In the past you could have opened a crappy website and relatively easily manipulate Google to rank high for many keywords.
Adwords was also a viable option but now clicks are more expensive and you have to make sure your landing page isn’t a bridge page (a page that adds no value to users except sending them to the vendor)

To be a successful affiliate in this day an age you need to create a website that actually makes visitors happy, you need to have great content and you need to be active on social media.
This is why a lot of people who are seeking quick and dirty money get frustrated with affiliate marketing very quickly.

If you have the patience and plan on building a great website, affiliate marketing is definitely one of the best ways to monetize your site.


Im trying my hand at drop shipping also. I found a merchant who supply to one of the worlds biggest retailers. I have listed the furniture items at the minimum retail price but no sales so far. Very dissapointed.

I have tried to add a nice design to each listing but I am concerned that I am missing something important which is losing me sales.

Hey Justlukeyou,

I don’t have experience working with drop shipping, It always sounded like too much of a hassle dealing with shippers and customers.

I like being an affiliate because that way I only need to worry about my website and my content, the vendor takes care of the rest.

Perhaps you should consider doing the switch…


I would like to but I dont know how to get traffic to my site.

I did try Adwords but I calculated that I could never make it profitable. Well only if I was paying 3p for a click and 100% of the people is click an Adword clicked onto a merchant from my site.

What’s the conversion rate after people have clicked on to the merchants website? perhaps that’s the problematic part of the funnel

Many times it’s very low and you need to ask them for a dedicated landing page (in some cases the best thing is to find a different vendor with a better conversion rate)

You could always try SEO for traffic which takes a lot of time but is very rewarding.

Social media is a great channel for cheap traffic.


My conversion rate is 1% and I am targetting furniture.

How can I use social media. I have signed tried using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest but I dont know how to use these to attract traffic from consumers.

The long answer is that you should read a lot about strategies in those platforms and then try it yourself, see the results and start tweaking accordingly.

The short answer is: it’s all about content. If you produce great content people will love you. Think like a Magazine.


I have written about 40 blog posts. I have read that sites need 1500+ articles. This is a crazy figure which could take 3 years. Thats why I am trying drop shipping.

That’s BS. Don’t believe everything you read.


I have picked a key word to target as a test.

I dont know how to get backlinks though from sites. I have found around 50 furniture blogs but they were all outdated. It’s getting backlinks that I seriously struggle with.

This blog contains lots of info about how to get links: