IPhone simulator


does anybody have any experience in testing your website on Iphone without having a real device? Somebody let me know that my website is not working properly on IPhone and I would like to see what is the problem, but I have no device. Are there any common, known issues that usually happen to be a problem?


Well, it’s a unique platform, so it has a whole range of issues you need to test for. If you have a Mac, you can download Apple’s simulator as part of the Developer package. Otherwise, visit your local phone or Mac store and do some testing there. :slight_smile:

deviceanywhere.com and perfectomobile.com offer the ability to test on real devices, but prices are completely ridiculous for normal people (IMHO, but check them out yourself).

However, Device Anywhere offers a free service on a small number of half-decent devices, and I think iOS 5 on an iPhone is available (might even be iOS 6).

Good thing is, iOS, unlike any other mobile OS, behaves very similar on its two most recent OS’s. The others all have major differences (ICS v Jelly Bean, Win Phone 7/8, BB etc.).

That being said, if you are half serious or more about your site then you need to test on real devices (or a real-device simulator). Trust me, you will be in for one hell of a surprise when you do - especially if you use jQuery (or any other non-basic JS).

Good luck.