Iphone responsive problem

Hi guys, im having trouble finding the solution for some problems with responsive behaviour of a site in ipone<5/iod touch (320/480).

Checklink: benja.uy/marengere/emilie

I made 3 extra pesponsive styles sheets, 320px 480px 768px.

When the sites loads, for ex in vertical-mode, it load alright, but when you switch to landscape, the site tooks the styles for the 768px instead of the 480px as it should.

Im really lost and looking forward to know about this and everytihing

Thanks a lot,



I tried swtiching the order of the head css links, like at this moment which goes from general to 320px.

All the code its just html/css so it can be inspected.


I would recommend you not chase specific specific device sizes, but set styles for appropriate break points in your layout. Anyhow, perhaps play around with the meta viewport code. This looks strange to me:

<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-height,initial-scale=0.7">

I’s suggest trying width=device-width, and scaling to 1.0 on page load, or just leave that out altogether.