Iphone issue


see https://forallthetime.com/BI-G/info.html

in dev tools the page works as it should at a saller screen, however on my iphone the text is shifted to the right :frowning:

can this be fixed?

thank you!

Your write-up <div> has padding-left: 2rem.

And within that <div> your paragraphs also have padding-left: 2rem.

That is pushing the paragraph text to the right on all screens but it becomes more noticeable on smartphones (not only on iPhones).



i removed

  padding-left: 2rem;

and i looked… could not find

write-up p{
pading-left: 2rem

so i tried

.write-up p{

no go

i ask for some clarification here

would a code pen be a good idea?

thank you for helping me :slight_smile:

I don’t see padding-left on any paragraphs.

The one on the write-up class is where you were seeing the issue. The left padding is noticeable in all window sizes, but the smaller scale of the iPhone (or any smaller screen size) makes it more noticeable.

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It’s here in style.css: