iPad: Worth the money?

So I’ve been looking at buying a tablet just for the hell of it, I don’t really need one but I have a ton of books that would be nice to stop collecting. For reading purposes, is an ipad worth it?

Depends on your preference actually. If you like reading books on screens, then I guess it will be worth it. It might just need some getting used to though.

I don’t think an iPad is quite worth $600, so instead I bought a refurbished older-model iPad for $250. Looks and works like it was brand new, and the difference in features between the iPad 1 and iPad 3 is not quite worth an extra $350 to me. Especially if you’re going to use it primarily as an e-book reader, which I do.

For my needs the iPad is too big and cumbersome. The Nexus 7 is ideal- the size makes it so much more readily to be taken virtually everywhere. I have a slim leather case with a wrist strap that fits snugly on my elbow and the case can be clamped under my arm leaving two hands available.
1280x800 screen is ideal for reading mail, this forum and many more websites. Replying with a single digit is hard work and a lengthy process an unless urgent can wait until a full size keyboard is available
Portrait mode is used most of the time and as far as reading books is concerned then a reduced paper back size would be adequate.
Google got their price right and no wonder they are selling a million a month. They definely take some beating.
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Thanks for the insight everyone. I’m kind of thinking the same thing-- I don’t care about the status symbol, so I might as well look into the Nexus 7 and others.

No, I Don’t think so iPad is worth device to buy…

There also is an iPad mini which is probably better suited for people who merely want to read books on a tablet. And there’s the Kindle Fire and lots of other devices, some of which have been mentioned above.

I find the iPad to be absolutely fantastic. The screen is pretty much the best you can get. The GUI is intuitive (to me). There are many, many brilliant apps, the bookstore has plenty of free books that you can just put in your iBooks library—especially if you’re into classic literature, you’re in for a treat as they have hundreds of those that you can download for free, from D.H. Lawrence, to Edgar Allen Poe, to J.W. Goethe.

It’s definitely a high-end tool (but so are others). For me it was an absolute no-brainer to get the iPad because my desktop, my laptop, and my smartphones are all Apple products anyway.

Another thing I like is the fact that there are so many apps I only ever need to buy once and can use on several devices.

Whether it’s worth the price? Its worth is always determined by the critieria you set for yourself. To me, it’s worth it because I have these criteria:

  1. Is it of great quality and can I use it for the next couple of years?
  2. Are the apps of high quality?
  3. Is it easy to use and intuitive?
  4. Does it save me time (configuration, maintenance, etc.)
  5. Is it aesthetically my cup of tea?

And, not to forget, it’s rather handy to own one if you build things for the web, just like it makes sense to have at least one mobile device that runs on Android and Windows until the web offers solid means with which you can test your work on devices you don’t own—There’s a lot being done in that regard at the moment, which is great.

But that’s getting off topic.

For reading purposes, I think pretty much any tablet will do. If I were you, I’d read up on tablet comparisons and reviews, then go to a local store and check the various tablets and see which one is meets your requirements best.

the thing is not important which tablet or ipad you are using but as per my view, which best apps you are using in that, that is more important what say.

Yes I think Ipad will works for you better and it is very interesting to keep safe all your collection in a tablet.

It’s well worth to buy, I have buy the new ipad, it’s very convenience and useful. I also want to buy the ipad mini .

Surely if you’re just reading books go with something like Kindle or another dedicated e-book reader?

For just reading books the iPad isn’t worth the money. It will do the job perfectly fine and it’s a beautiful device but you could spend less and get the same functionality. Also, people that read lots of books find the iPad not very comfortable for long periods of reading - both on the eyes and on the hands (it’s kinda heavy). You could buy an Android tablet plus an e-book reader for less money than the cheapest iPad. Still, if you’re buying it “just for the hell of it” you’ll probably be happy with whatever you get. :slight_smile: I’m thinking you’re looking for an excuse to buy the iPad though :stuck_out_tongue: It’s ok… we understand :wink:

I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab and I’m extremly happy with it. Major applications are for IPad and for Android so that’s no problem. In my case, I use it as a mobile laptop. Most of the time, it saves me from taking my laptop (which is bigger and weights much more) with me and I can even connect with my tower at home, in case that I need to do so.

IPad is fantastic and it is great hardware but it is not the only fish in the sea. So if it is worth the extra price, that’s up to what you want. My sister has an IPad and it is absolutely fantastic but so I haven’t found much difference in relation to my own tablet PC so for me it is not.

Having said that, if I could I would get one… why? well, it is great that at least you have an Apple device to test your sites directly :smiley:

Absolutely!!! Best thing I bought last year. The thing that I love most about the Ipad is it’s convenience. It can sit asleep and hibernate but when I need to look something up, it’s so quick / response and easy to do so.

Tablets are great. I’m probably going to get the ipad mini soon.

IMO, no. I’d go for a lower priced tablet with similar capabilities.

Ipad is cool, great way to keep your collection, you can do other things not just reading.