iPad Mini or Kindle Fire HD tablet?

I just want to buy a tablet. I heard a lot about Kindle Fire HD tablet, people say that is a better product for less money. Is it true?

what about the google nexus 7 ? Same size.
Include it when you’re comparing everything about those small tablets :slight_smile:

Search the forum for “nexus 7” and read about the cheaper and best value for your money.

Kindle Fire is good. But I prefer to wait for Nexus 10.

Kindle fire is nice :slight_smile:

All ‘is good’ and ‘is nice’ replies from now on must give some reasons to support their claim, or will be considered fluff.

It’s just a question of which ecosystem you are/want to be part of. If you’re going to be buying/renting content primarily from Amazon, then the Fire will be a nicer experience. If you want to shop from the iTunes store and apps are important to you, then the iPad is a better choice. If you want apps but don’t want to get into the Apple world, the Nexus 7 is the one to get. :slight_smile:

ipad mini is to expensive.

In my opinion, I also want to buy ipad mini for it’s stronger function

What stronger function?

Hey John Sammers! I am not much aware of Kindle Fire HD tablet. I just know that it looks rich in display and have vivid colors as I have gone through a website related to that. On the other side, Apple iPad Mini is an amazing technology with unique features. It looks great due to its size of 7.9 inches. It is liked by almost each and every gadgets lovers. I like it too and I am thinking to buy one for me.

I would add the new Microsoft Surface which has a keyboard option something the iPad could do with.

There are keyboards for the iPad too. They don’t “snap” with the device like Surface but still if you want one, they exist. Also, the OP asked about these two tablets specifically. The Surface with the touch cover is more expensive than both of them, so…

Agreed with James. Kindle fire is good but still I will suggest you to inquire about Nexus 7 too…

Kindle fire HD tablet is really nice option. i have it. you can but it no problem.

At the moment Nexus 7 is definitely the best tablet on the market. It has the best hardware for the price, without mentioning the great android software support since it’s a Google device.

Here’s an article I found comparing some of the cheapest tablets right now: http://www.mawista.com/blog/en/top-cheapest-tablets-for-students/

Surprised to see one that costs $50, prices are getting lower each day.


I think ipad mini is to expensive.but iPad Mini is popular demand, even comparing to the larger…

I recommend you buy Nexus 7, My friend also buys one and he satisfy with it.

I’ll go for iPad mini. I like the design and smooth software.:smiley:

But the Price for Ipad mini is more expensive than Nexus and someone can not afford to buy.