Ip at amazon-aws


Every week or so, all my websites are visited / scanned by the same bot.

I would like to find more information about this bot (I suspect that it belongs to a competitor).

I can see that it uses ip-addresses at amazon-aws. Is it possible to find out, who owns/uses ip-adresses at amazon-aws or is it completely anonymous?


I think this is not easy, because many companies are using Amazon AWS as a part of their tracking. However you can go to ip2location and enter again. Which bot are you talking about?

Thanks for the reply.

I am not sure if it is correct that I call it a bot. Perhaps a spider is a more precise name.

I am not able to see the name of the bot. I can only see in the log that it visits all my sites/pages.

A legitimate bot or spider will identify itself as such in the user agent, if not then it can be considered a waste of resources at best and malicious at worst. You’re unlikely to be able to identify who is behind it (sometimes a search on the exact ip string can show up other places its activity has been logged). You might want to consider blocking it (although it’d be easy for them to switch ip).