iOS v/s Android?

Which technology should I go for training iOS or Android? Which one is better both of them? Is it good to go for iOS training?

You should go for Android development as Android OS will be captured the market than iOS

Thanks for your valuable advice…

It also really depends on the location where you are living right now. For example if you are is Asia then there are loads of jobs related to android development of apps. Many of my friends are working with famous companies with a decent salary. There are many companies for app development in Dubai which give you very attractive salary packages and most of them work on android.

If you are close to EU or USA then think about starting from iOS because they have a large market of iPhone users there. Both of them offers great deal of learning but if you are looking at it with a job Prospective than I would suggest to choose the one which have more users in your region.

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Yes, i agree with erikvmccraw. You will get good job whether you choose Android or iOS but it depends on the region. However, both Operating system have good market share.

Don’t forget that you can use hybrid software like PhoneGap or Cordova to leverage HTML/CSS/JS to work across both of them.

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If you can do both much better.

OK… I will try to do both.

you have to go android because android is more easy and popular than ios.

Go for android! You will have a bright future!

You should decide this based on the area you are living in. First analyze which is in more demand whther its is ios or android OS. Then it will get easy for you.

I prefer IOS. it is more difficult to get a virus than Android.

what operating system were easier to develop? android application or IOS application .

You should go for android development.

Why is that, @tonmoy07?

Just making a statement like that with no further explanation is of no real help to anybody.

Go for iOS

^ This.


I suggest you iOS. let’s move and accept to upcoming technology and iOS is the trending now.

that is new iOS version **

iOS 11

** releas is good