Invoices from Web Directories

I submitted my website to some well-known paid web directories and none of them sent an invoice! The payment were made through paypal but I need a regular invoice for being able to consider this payment as expenses related to my activity; I sent few emails asking to receive these documents but none of them was replied.
Is it legal for companies (or professionals) that owns web directories to do not send invoices after receiving regular payments from their customers?
Any experience or opinion is very appreciated.

If you paid via Paypal then you should have received an email from Paypal with details of the payment, that could be your invoice. If you didn’t receive it go into your Paypal account and you can access details of payments made there - you can then print these off.

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A simple receipt should be legal too (depending on the country, of course). You should have PayPal’s confirmation of payment and very possibly a registration confirmation from the directory. If you paid via PayPal, they may not have enough info to issue an invoice (like full address, tax id number, etc).

There’s also the possibility that you need to log into your account in the directory and download it yourself. Some companies do have the invoice ready but will not e-mail it to you but leave it for you to download in your account profile.

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