Introduction to REST/JSON for API

Does anyone know any good introductions on how to use JSON and embed some APIs onto websites?

I see many APIs using REST/JSON to show data on websites, but not sure how to use the JSON data to get into a website.

Any help is much appreciated.

It varies between APIs, as each one is different. Sites usually have developer documentation for their APIs, with code examples you can use to get started. What kind of APIs/data are you wanting to use on your site?

It doesn’t matter - can you recommend one that has great code samples that would allow me to know what Javascript to write and what HTML to write?

As I said before, each API varies in how you use it and the structure of the data that’s returned, so it would be difficult to provide a generic tutorial. A google search will turn up tutorials for specific APIs, such as how to display a list of tweets from Twitter (for example).