Interview Questions: Derek Powazek on Web communities

This Wednesday, I will be recording an interview with Derek Powazek. We will be chatting about web communities, about site redesigns and how to launch them when a community is involved, and about the future of print publishing.

Please suggest questions to ask Derek by posting them to this thread!

Named one of the top 40 ‘Industry Influencers’ of 2007 by Folio Magazine, Derek Powazek has worked the web since 1995 at pioneering sites like HotWired, Blogger, and Technorati.

He is the author of “Design for Community: The Art of Connecting Real People in Virtual Place” (New Riders, 2001). He is the cofounder of JPG, the photography magazine that’s made by its community, and cofounder 8020 Publishing, the company that grew out of its success.

Derek now splits his time between working as a consultant for HP Labs on MagCloud and editing Fray, the quarterly book of true stories and original art. Derek lives in San Francisco with his wife, two nutty Chihuahuas, a grumpy cat, and a house full of plants named Fred.

Nice one. He seems a great guy. heard him first time and I think I’ll learn a lot from this video and will surely plan something for my web design firm’s future. thanks for sharing this interview.

Haven’t a clue what to talk to an artist type about :frowning:

Has this interview already taken place (not sure if you mean’t “tomorrow” Wednesday or the one approaching)? If not my question is as follows:

As a graphic designer you obviously have a well perceived balance and eye for usability in the sense of evoking emotion through digital media. What is your viewpoint on making digital media and images more accessible for people with disabilities, do you just follow the standard conventions of contract, color theory (et al) or have you innovated (or seen unique innovations) to help the less able make use of visually rich mediums :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the question, but I’m afraid I’ve already recorded the interview. Maybe next time! :slight_smile:

Closing this thread.