Internet Explorer layout issue


I have an issue on the “work” section of the following page in Explorer 9:

It works fine until you click “3–4” or other groupings of the client work. They disappear and reappear (as they should using jQuery), but reappear off the right of the page.

Any ideas how I could fix this asap?

Thanks in advance!

PS. It initially loads in the right place, then jumps across to the right of the page as it finishes loading. Would that make it a CSS issue, or jQuery?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

First blush…

On the html page, line 158, there is an unmatched </div> tag labeled “end slider”. Either the opener is missing, or this one needs to be deleted.

Also, on line 185, there is a tag <div id=“studio”> with no matching close tag.

Don’t know if either of these are contributing to the problem. Just a place to start.

Looks like a CSS issue to me. Try adding this to your styles:

.tabdiv {

Thanks Ralph – it worked! Great work.

Thanks for the response Ronpat, I will look into those HTML issues you mentioned.