Interested in HTML5 gaming

I’m just looking at game development in HTML5. I’d always left game dev alone as never fancied using Flash as I knew HTML5 was replacing it in a lot of areas.

I’m just looking at some of the frameworks now and it looks very exciting.

What’s the difference between WebGL and canvas? Is it just that the latter is GPU-accelerated?

I’ve been reading up on frameworks and love the look of Phaser (for 2D) as it seems well supported, is open source and is built on Pixi. If Phaser doesn’t do what you want it to do is it easy enough to build your own plugin?

What would you recommend for 3D? Is 3D going to be an issue on mobiles in terms of performance?

Any recommendations over Phaser? I’d prefer open source to commercial.

Both are graphics APIs
Canvas has a far wider browser support than WebGL (think mobile), whereas WebGL is more performant.

I’ve not used Phaser, but it appears well documented and there are some recent tutorials around on creating plugins, so it seems like a good choice. I would go with this.

I know @parkinT’s son was into game development, as well as @markbrown4.
Maybe they can help you some more and expand on their setups.

I’ve been out of the loop for a while but for 3d you should definitely look at, it’s got some amazing demos showing what you can do with it.

WebGL in Mobile is a very recent addition(just release iOS8 recent) so you’ll need to be comfortable with that. Haven’t tried Phaser yet.

Yeah, they are amazing!

Phaser seems to run very well (though not tried on a mobile yet) and the physics and particle systems are very impressive. I’ve only tried out their (many) demos but really impressed so far.

I just came across this tutorial on building a 2D game using processing.js.
Maybe it’s of some use?

Well, simply because today, we can really use HTML5 to target multi-platforms using the same code. There are the most well-known frameworks you can build HTML5 2D games working all browsers.

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