Interactive images

It has been so long since I have needed to do something like this I am not even sure what the best way to do this any more. I long time ago i used to use image maps to do this but I need to knwo if ther eis a better way now, other than Flash of course.

I have a numbered grid that represetns burrial plots that are for sale. The ones that are avaialbe will be highlighted. When you click on the highlighrted square, that persons contact information will show up in a specific area (one that remains constatnt) adn the square will change to a different color. how is the best way to go about this. HTML and CSS I know, the rest is a bit hit or miss.

Any suggestions?

many thanks,

You can do hovers with CSS, but getting the clicked item to remain selected really requires JavaScript. There are some very fancy scripts out there that do this (using libraries like jQuery), but before going down that route, you could consider a simpler, accessible version as shown here:

Here is another example of the same script with the clicked item highlighted:

That could be adapted to your needs.