Instant Data update or receival

Is it ever possible to get instant data update or receival using PHP/MySQL? I know its best to use Java Script and Node.js for this type of jobs but is it possible using PHP or with Cron jobs?

Let say, continuous +ve increment effect of some factors and continuous -ve decrement effect of some factors on a variable and getting the value of that variable instantaneously? Here the effects are some PHP programming.

Lets say, a city has a population of 1000 at the moment. Now positive factors like good health is increasing its population whereas negative factors like suicide rate or pollution is decreasing its population.

Lets say population is increasing by +2 and decreasing by -1 at any moment. So how to get instant value of population instantly at that particular moment

Thank you

I think the example #1 is a waste of resources if the application or cron job is continually polling. Far better to assume everyone lives forever until their death is registered. The actual registration triggers and posts an action :slight_smile:

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