Installing ttf (new) fonts into photoshop 6 HELP!

I have a number of fonts in ttf format that I would like to use in Adobe Photoshop 6. The problem is I cannot get any advice on where to install the fonts.
Does any body have any suggestions, helpful links or tutorials?
Any help is much appreciated,

Just open your windows explorer and go to your windows directory , there you will find a “FONTS” directory.
Drag the font-files in that font directory one by one and they will be installed.

Your fonts will be directly available in Photoshop.

Originally posted by Percept
Your fonts will be directly available in Photoshop.

…and to any other windows application

(just to clarify) :wink:

Ah yes :smiley:

Yeah but now I have 2000 fonts in my fonts folder! (My mouse has been working overtime dragging & dropping!:-))

I wonder if I can create a directory structure in my fonts folder…

Nope but I can view fonts by similarity if I right click in the fonts folder! This must be a new for XP feature because 98 did not do that !

Now can anybody tell me a good way of getting the corners rounded of images - you know like in the top left hand corner of this page ?
Or do I ask too much?

The way I usually do it is to use a circle shape and so on but this will not do everything and it seems a bit long winded for such a simple application…

I’m much happier programming - this image stuff is all a bit alien to me!

I just did a search and found this thread. I have put some new fonts in the Windows font folder but they are not showing up in Adobe or elsewhere. Any ideas why not? :confused:

maybe because the font files are corrupt, or the files are of the wrong kind ?
p.s.: moving this to the computer help desk forum

They are freeware ttf fonts from Nick’s Fonts . I downloaded, unzipped and put them in the Windows font file. Nada. :confused:

OK, I found out I needed to install them through the control panel–> fonts (Win ME) but when I went to install them there was no Install New Font option under File. I Googled and found a number of solutions. This is the one that worked for me:

On your screen, locate and click the Start button. From the Start menu, click Run. 2. In the Run dialog box, in the Open field, type: Attrib +S C:\Windows\Fonts, and then click OK. The Fonts folder now appears normally.

Voila, the Install New Fonts option appeared.

Just in case anyone else runs across this glitch, here are the references which include many options for fixing this problem:

and here:

This one won’t be keeping me awake tonight, thankfully. :smiley:

Drag and drop not working??
Double click not working??

Don’t know if this was directed towards my problem but . . . with Win ME drag and drop doesn’t work. Fonts need to be installed as per the description above. Unfortunately, there is a glitch. The the necessary ‘Install New Fonts’ option was not visible in the menu options. Needed to enter the above code to get it to appear.

May you can use FontXplorer,

It’s very usefull