Installing Easy IO on Ubuntu version of Centos package

I’ve been following this tutorial about Easy IO by Juriy Bura, but he’s using Centos and I’m on Ubuntu.
I’m going to try it anyway, but I was hoping to find something similar aimed at Ubuntu 18.04

I started watching it, and 8 minutes of advertisement (and I dont mean from YouTube) later, he might actually have gotten around to actually talking about the issue of the video. Jeezus. DigitalOcean certainly got their money’s worth out of that guy. None out of me, because that type of all-ad-no-content video does nothing but push me AWAY from a service.

Simply put: Yes you can install nodeJS on Ubuntu. The install steps are here.
Because his package is nothing but JS code, it’s platform independent.
Hopefully one of his later videos (if he ever manages to make one that has more than 1 minute of actual content) tells you how to install his script.


Digital Ocean has numerous very good tutorials which have all been tried and tested. They pay for their tutorials and only publish the best. The video you referred to was not not part of DigitalOcean’s tutorials.

A quick Google search revealed the following:

Perhaps a Moderator could revise the confusing title stating that the package to install is Node.js onto a Ubuntu server.

no, I’m not looking for NodeJS, I got that… it’s the software package he’s calling EasyIO that I’m looking for

I’m intending to try it anyway, but I’m also anticipating issues because it’s written for a different distribution

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