Installed Wordpress 3.5 to my website, but I can't create admin user

I got my domain name from Go Daddy and I’m using HostGator for webhosting.

I managed to install the WordPress web software to my host and got an email with a link to create my admin user. However, when I click on the link, I get an error 404 that says I’ve either “entered an incorrect URL into my browser’s address bar” or that I “haven’t uploaded content”. I don’t have any content yet because I just created everything.

How do I get past this error message to create my admin user account and get started on my website?

Any help would really appreciated.
thank you,
marco trevisani

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Did you run the /wp-admin/install.php page to configure the script?

Does the wp-config.php file contain the correct values so the script can access your database?