Install apache, php, mysql(moodle)

Hello guys,

I’m not sure if I’m in the right place to post this information.
I’m currently working with a non-profit organization that helps people with no experience whatsoever in Microsoft excel, word and many other things. The organization currently works with Moodle which they have it to provide those classes for people that have never touched a computer, or even do not know what is an email. My task is to install Moodle as a new platform in a server that I recently have access to. I need to make it as a production environment. I’m a newbie in all this never came across with what it’s behind it. I’m basically on my own trying to figure it out and will like to get some guidance on how i can install APACHE, PHP and MYSQL separately for a production environment since all what i researched on were done as local host. I would appreciate anyone telling me how would I go to install all this and configure it with Moodle. I’ve been going back and forth looking to get the best way to install it in no time. I certainly will be in debt if someone can guide i step by step on how i can accomplished my goal.

Hello texans_23,

I can help you if you still need help that is?

Can I ask are you using a Linux server or windows Server? if its a Linux server what type is it Centos, Ubuntu?

also will this server have a domain name?


Hello scjmoore ,

Thank you for your support and I will definitely appreciate your help, I’m using windows server and from what I was told yes we will be having a domain name. I was into the process to install each separately but not quite sure how to do it and what needs to be changed since the purpose of this is to have it done for production not just for testing. I need to know exactly what has to be configured for Security purpose. Also I have a quick question after I download and install each of them how can I create a virtual directory on Apache for Moodle???..thank you for taking your time to help me I do appreciate it


as a recommendation would you consider using Linux for the production environment? if so I can guide you on that process as using Linux for the LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP) stack is much easier than using it on Windows. Apache is also easier to configure with Linux than using it on Windows.

feel free to add me on skype so we can communicate in real time: joe.yobo


Thank you for your reply and yes I would probably try using Linux although I’m not familiar with Linux and well I focused using Windows and Install Apache, MySQL and PHP separately and have somewhat tried to configure all three. Having difficulty on creating a blank database for Moodle and as well to create a virtual directory. I would add you to Skype and so I can get a better idea because as for right now I’m honest to tell you that I’m completely lost although done research and well no luck lol. I preferably would like to find a way to do it in Windows since like I said I’m not so familiar with Linux but will also try a different way. I tried following the Moodle instructions but I’m stuck in certain parts. For example, I’m completely going crazy to find a way to create a virtual directory on apache, and create a blank database for Moodle. By that creating a blank database does it mean I will create it in MySQL or do I have also install PHPMyAdmin. Sorry if I sound crazy lol but I’ve been trying so hard to find a way to do it as a production environment.

Hi Texans_23,

Dont worry about the Linux side of things I can assist with that and teach you the basics in order to look after a moodle setup, as thats what I do freelance IT Support. I understand what you mean about the windows side of things that it is easier to use than Linux. But as said when using the LAMP stack its worth it to use Linux as a production environment.

If you really do want to use Windows let me know what version and I shall write up a how to guide (it will take me a couple of days) and send it over to you that way you can see the steps etc…


Good morning Joe,
Good to keep in mind about Linux been the best choice for a production environment with that said well I do have a tie schedule as to be able to have all of it ready and running technically lol…I’m using Windows 7…Not sure if this is what you need but the server I have access to is called Windows Small Business Server 2011 Essentials. Joe I’ll be in debt with you and I will definitely appreciate your guidance. I will be honest I’ve tried about every source I could think of but no luck. Thanks again for taking your time to help.

Hey Texans_23,

Sorry for the delay I have wrote a Guide that I published on my blog so that any one can see the link is this

I have made it as simple as I could but if you do have any issues feel free to get in contact. I am using xampp with the guide as it comes with everything like Apache MySQL etc… without having to install them each individually.

if you need help in securing the database user then let me know

hope it helps


Hello Joe,

I definitely appreciate the fact that you are helping me and I’m going to read your guide and if I need help on securing the database user then I will let you know and thank you again.