Instaling Android Studio Gradle Error "failed to find target with hash string 'android-26'"


I am getting this error in Android Studio just after install on Fedora 27.

gradle build studio failed to find target with hash string ‘android-26’

I have searched elsewhere and it seems that there are more potential solutions to this than pebbles on a beach and that it is an ongoing problem with Android Studio installs.

Any solutions for the most recent SDK API 27 (just downloaded yesterday) would be appreciated!


Hi I solved it here (I think as I did a number of edits…)

Gradle Sync Failed: Broken Pipe: The issue is that the Gradle daemon is trying to use IPv4 instead of IPv6.

Workaround 1: On Linux, put the following in your ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile:

export _JAVA_OPTIONS=""

Workaround 2: in Android Studio's vmoptions file, change the line to For more information, see the Networking IPv6 User Guide.

I also removed the work ‘offline’ option.

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