Instagram promotion tools

Hi all! I’m a newbie here and need your help. I want to promote my business and decided to try some promotion services.
Is it safe on the whole and which ones can you recommend?
Thanks in advance!

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Hey! Welcome, I’m a newcomer here too, but have some experience in business promotion. What type of business do you have?

My business is connected with beauty niche. I do make-ups, hair styles and so on. And want to promote myself and my works on my Instagram page.
Do you have any ideas to share with me?)

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You have lots of competitors. Today majority have such business, to promote it you have to make an effort and to choose the right business and promo strategy. Your business is a startup or u have current clients?
I’m asking all these questions for deeper understanding :slight_smile:

Of course I already have some small amount of clients, some of them bring their friends, but there are still few of them. That’s why I decided to start a promotion company in order to attract more people. I already post my works on Instagram and plan to make some kind of give-aways, but I need more followers first.

For sure, giveaways are useful only when you have enough followers to host or want to attract new ones, but not with a few. To start with I can recommend you to begin with good-old hashtags. Old trick, but it really works. create your unique tag described your business and use some constant hashtags (3-5 is enough). It will attract users’ attention. But the Instagram limit is 30 tags. I advise you to use some hashtag generators, and not free of charge. It will boost your profile and increase traffic. Dont start with buying followers. It’s a common mistake, cause there are lots of services providing fake subscribers, not all, but many. You should choose precisely. And install an analytics tool, which will help you track the progress of your account :blush:

So many things to do… And so many apps to use. I think it will be too expensive for me and will take a lot of time :frowning:
Maybe I have to refuse this idea and try to find new people on my own.

What about running a few paid ad campaigns?

Only choosing will take your time. Tools will perform other tasks. And there are lots of cheap but very useful at the same time tools. We live in the 21st century. The century of technology and AI. If you know how to use it, ur life will become easier. And if you start your business, it’s a bad idea to stop it. You’ve made a lot of efforts!

Have you tried any? If you’ll recommend me something it will save my time :slight_smile:

Do you mean in Facebook? Or which ones? I’m newbie in it, so sorry for silly question

I don’t know whether it’s possible to share links here or not, but I can recommend you some, you may google:eyes:. I’m very sceptical about buying likes and followers, but today IG is the most popular place for any business, it can’t exist without good content, a huge amount of followers, likes, views, posts. Firstly, pls, create good photos and interesting posts (great content) and then try any services.

I hope you do your work properly (I mean hair, makeups etc. in beauty sphere), that’s why you may try some Instagram assistants such as Iconsquare, Post Planner, Crowdfire. They are on the top. I’ve tested all of them.

When you get many clients you won’t be able to manage your profile on social networks (personal experience). You will hire a person to do that and pay him/her money, or you may ‘hire’ a service. It will cost you less money:moneybag:. As was said you need a hashtag generator, scheduled posting and an analytics tool at the very beginning. Almost all the services mentioned above have these features, except Ingramer. I stopped my choice on it, cause it’s all-in-one app. Anlytics, tags, schedule and other features are represented in Ingramer, but if you want to use two different or more tools you are welcome. To my mind all those I mentioned are the best for these purposes.

Have any questions? Ask, pls

To start such campaigns you should have lots of followers or much money to pay for this to celebs on Instagram

Wow. Thanks, I’ll check all of them for sure and hope it will suit me in my needs.
If you tried it and say that it’s great I think it’s worth being used.

I don’t think so about that in the first place as newcomer can also go with this option.

yes on Facebook, it auto run for your Instagram a/c also

Yes, in my opinion, bots should cope well with this task, but I still don’t really trust some of them. Be careful in choosing.