Instagram -- can't comment on users with more than 50k followers

Does anyone else have this problem?
I can comment on pictures of users than have less than 50k followers but once they hit 50k, I can’t comment on their pictures anymore. All I say is stuff like “Great Scenic Shot” or critique like “The lighting on the bottom is a bit off” but with any accounts with more than 50k followers, I now get blocked. Anyone else have this issue?

No experience with Instagram at all, so I’m purely guessing.

But a “block” based on the number of followers doesn’t make any sense that I can think of.

A type of “maximum number of comments” would make sense in terms of resource use or code limitations.

Are you sure it’s number of followers and not something coincidental?

I’m pretty sure, I can comment on any post by an author with under 50k followers but can’t comment on any of them that are above 50k. Doesn’t really make any sense.

It’s not an issue I’ve ever seen. I comment on the Natgeo account reasonably regularly and they have way more than 50k followers. How are you going about commenting?

It might be because my account is only a few days old and only has 25 followers itself, but I can comment on any person with less than 50k followers.

I have this problem too! My account is only four days old and ever since this has been happening to me. One of my mutuals is experiencing this too!

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