INSERT Random numbers into a table

Hi Folks,

I have a tabel I use to collect customer reviews.

Aside form a few other fields the back bone are the ‘id’ and ‘password’ fields. Which are printed on cards for users to access the review area in order to input their reviews.
I set up the table originally with 10,000 rows, each with the id auto incremented and with a random eight character password. Now those 10,000 rows have been used.

So I need to add another 10,000 rows to the table with a password for each. So here’s my question:

Is there a way I can add 10,000 rows to the table AND generate an automatic password for each one as it is set up using SQL?

Any ideas?


why can’t you generate the next batch of random passwords the same way you generated the first batch?

I could but that would mean exporting the table as a csv file pasting in the passwords in excel, saving the file as a csv and then reimporting it.
Just thought if there was a way to avoid all of that and the potential hiccups that could occur it would be good.

When i first imported the table it only had password in it but now it would have all the text form the existing review sin it and it could get messy.

As you can gather I’m no expert when it comes to MySQL.