INSERT query does not work

I have this query:

INSERT ΙΝΤΟ rememb_token(username) VALUES ('');

I do not understand what is the problem here,I get this warning.

Error code 1064, SQL state 42000: You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘rememb_token(username) VALUES (‘’)’ at line 1

Is your table name “rememb_token(username)”?

the name of the table is rememb_token and one of its columns is called username

What version of MySQL are you using?

I googled the error message and found the following on SO:

That looks like an error coming from a JDBC driver. When the JDBC 
driver initializes the connection, it sends several commands to the 
MySQL server, one of which is:


The problem is that the SET OPTION syntax has been 
deprecated for some time and is now no longer valid in MySQL 5.6. Here's
 a relevant bug conversation from MySQL's bug database:

Bug #66659: mysql 5.6.6m9 fails on OPTION SQL_SELECT_LIMIT=DEFAULT

Try upgrading your JDBC MySQL driver. The bug conversation lists some
 other options in case upgrading the driver is not an option.



I am using 5.6.26…apart from that there is something very weird.

Check these 2 statements…

INSERT ΙΝΤΟ rememb_token ( username)  VALUES( '');

INSERT INTO rememb_token ( username) VALUES ( '');

Do you see any difference among the two?

Well the weird is that the firtst outputs a syntax error while the second it runs OK…
I really cannot understand what is going on here…

I really cannot explain it.

where are you running these queries? did you type them in or are they generated by some application language? are you sure the spaces are really spaces, and not, say, some unprintable character?

I found the cause of theproblem…it has to do with “INTO” …in the statement.
It was in Greek…

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