Insert multiple columns in one new mysql table

I try to insert columns for two different tables into one new table.
I try following query:

$sql = “INSERT INTO groepering (datum, uur, injectieDag, injectieNacht, power, energy)
SELECT VerschilBerekeningInjectie.datum as datum,
VerschilBerekeningInjectie.uur as uur ,
VerschilBerekeningInjectie.injectieDag as injectieDag,
VerschilBerekeningInjectie.injectieNacht as injectieNacht,
dagOpbrengstKostal.power as power, as energy FROM VerschilBerekeningInjectie
LEFT JOIN dagOpbrengstKostal ON VerschilBerekeningInjectie.datum = dagOpbrengstKostal.datum and VerschilBerekeningInjectie.uur = dagOpbrengstKostal.uur WHERE VerschilBerekeningInjectie.datum = ‘2020-12-18’”;

the select query works, but the insert action doesn’t.
no data are inserted, no error displayed.

simplified query –

  INTO groepering 
     ( datum
     , uur
     , injectieDag
     , injectieNacht
     , power
     , energy )
SELECT v.datum
     , v.uur
     , v.injectieDag
     , v.injectieNacht
     , d.power 
  FROM VerschilBerekeningInjectie  AS v
  JOIN dagOpbrengstKostal  AS d 
    ON d.datum = v.datum 
   and d.uur   = v.uur 
 WHERE v.datum = '2020-12-18'

looks like you’re running php… with MySQL?

did you try the INSERT statement directly in the database, i.e. not via php?

could you do a SHOW CREATE TABLE for groepering please?

What is the purpose of you doing this? Your are using a specific day date to put this data in a new table. Whatever you are doing, this is a flawed approach. All you need to do is create a View to work with this dateset in an easier manner. You will end up with a cluster muck of tables and duplicate data if you do this for every day you want to do something with the data.

@r937, @benanamen,
Thank you for your reactions.
Problem is now solved: the query resulted i in a number of cases in a NULL, but in Structure tab of the table the “NULL” checkbox was not checked, so the insert action could not proceed.

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