Insert a field after an existing field

I have already create a Database in c:\path\db1.mdf.

I also created a Table, table1, and a few Fields: field1, field2, field3, etc.

In SQL I would like to know how to populate a list of each Field in that Table.

I also would like to know how to insert a Field after an existing Field previously mentioned.

not sure what you mean by “populate a list of each Field”

it’s not mysql, so you can’t

good thing is, you don’t really need to, since you can always return the columns in whatever sequence you want when you SELECT

You’ll want to look at this:

and then right hurr:

Woops, just saw this is mssql, syntax may be slightly different, but you can find your way from here, they are both available for SQL server as well

maybe it is, maybe it isn’t

on another discussion forum, he’s got a thread going in the mysql forum

you can read w3school it’s good for basic of the database query.

No. No. No. Never. w3school should be blocked by ISPs world wide. Bad source

Ok…but i used this so i suggest you…