<input type="number" id="number"> Does not work in IE9 or Firefox

I used this for the user to set a variable…<input type=“number” id=“number”>…
It works great in Chrome but in FF and IE9 the little up and down arrows do not appear.
I looked around but couldn’t find any answers. Thanks.

Input control type <number> is an HTML5 specific attribute that doesn’t have a wide range of support yet. It is not supported in Internet Explorer (IE9 doesn’t support HTML5 at all) and neither it is in FF. See this chart: http://caniuse.com/#feat=input-number

That sux…thank you!

Is there another way to have the user set a numeric value in the same manner as this, it works good in Chrome.

You could use a normal select list.

All input types default to “text” if they’re not recognised so they allow you to enter a value, you just don’t get the spinner.