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I changed the input type from “checkbox” to “text” and it solved two problems and created another.
One that solved was that the “0.00” in the widget boxes disappeared; but the ability of the triangle to point either up or down according to the direction of the exchage rate stopped working.

I would like it to work while keeping the “0.00” from appearing, and want the changes I made to the problem page

Problem in

No problem in

There is code in the script which I believe is connected to this, but cannot understand why a change of input type can render the triangle inoperative.

swop.onclick=function() {
if(this.checked==true) {
else {

A text field can’t be checked so this.checked==true will ALWAYS fail


For someone whi knows nothing of javascript, I assume that the answer is to change the “checked” in (this.checked==true) to something else.

What, if I may ask?

Hi there qim,

check out the attachment, which, I believe, now
fully addresses all your known problems. :sunglasses:

But being qim, I am pretty sure that will not rest
until you have dreamed up some more. :confused: (7.6 KB)


Hi there qim,

I have noticed a minor error in the php part of the converter.js file. :cold_sweat:

The time is shown as “EST”. :ng:

Open up the file and simply change this line…

$time="'$node EST'";



Hi coothead

I’ve just noticed your post and realized that the code has London time claiming to be EST.

In fact, I would prefer it to be EST, which I believe was correct before.


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