Input Text : Box Height

I am amending an existing site that has a mixture of tables and CSS based structure.

I have introduced an input text box wrapped in a <FORM> tag at the top right hand side of this site

I cant manage to control the height of the input box, I want it to be the same height as the “subscribe” button next to it.

Any help would ne appreciated.


What about simply adjusting the height and padding of .newsletter?

border:1px solid #D5D0C9;
font:11px arial;
padding:1px 2px 3px;

Close? :slight_smile:

Off Topic:

Catchy phrase on the image … i like it :smiley:

Thanks Luki

Did it help? No good thanking me if i wasn’t of any help :smiley: :rofl:

Yes, it helped. The site is fixed now,

Glad it’s fixed