Input fields acting strange

my site www[dot]ultimatemalesolution[dot]com/?page_id=2014 has input fields, i have floated them right but they appear to be in step below to each other like a stair case…can’t figure out,why?


It’s because you have a break after each input.

<input class="info" type="text" value="Your name">

The input is floated but the break is not a creates a new line and then subsequent floats start on this new line creating a staircase effect.

Remove the breaks and use a bottom margin on the input instead.

in my code, i don’t see any. but it comes when the code is rendered. can i remove br by css?


You don’t have anything unique to target the breaks with apart from the class .info which is on the input and of course that may not be unique.

You can try this:

.info + br{display:none}

But remember that if .info is used anywhere else and has a break after it then the break will be removed.

I found the br, it was being generated by visual editor. its fixed. thank you, paul!