InnerHTML Iframe Textarea issues (noob)

I am a NOOb here and appreciate any help I can get…please include full source code too, as I’m new to most code beyond normal HTML.

Here is my scenario.
I have a php site displaying autos for sale which has a link that displays a Print Friendly Version of each listing. I will be tweaking the code to display ALL the printable versions on one long page. This part of my project I can handle, no problem.

The part I need help with is…

  1. Display an iframe of the Print Friendly Listing to grab the source code from in HTML format (from body tag to end body tag, including any PHP Includes I may have) I do NOT need any code outside the body tags.
  2. Have the HTML code inside the body tags automatically display in a textarea, next to or near the iframe it is referrencing (Ideally, side by side…easy enough to do with tables).
  3. (optional) I’d like to be able to just click in the textarea and have the code auto copy to the clipboard or at least auto highlight so I can copy it myself.
  4. (optional as well) It would be nice to know how to break down any “elements” within the iframe to display in other, separate textareas as well, just incase the need should arise.

I have searched and searched with no luck. I’m getting close but just don’t have it as of yet. The searching I have done leads me to believe “innerHTML, iframes & textareas” are the way to go.

Again, please be sure to reply with full source code…I am pretty new to any coding beyond HTML.

Thanks in advance.