Inmotion hosting deleted my medical website and all it's files arbitrarily

Hi I am doctor from Egypt

I created a medical website , it was hosted by host gator before and currently, it was hosted by InMotion Hosting company.

as my site growing, I had some problems a long time ago with resources usage due to increasing in my website visitors, and I solved this problem by installing cache plugin to my website and by using Cloudflare CDN.

yesterday InMotion Hosting suspended my website again without any warning after that they sent me an email that my site using too many resources, I spoke to their support through live chat and told them then I can ask for a refund and I will move my website.
when I asked for that they disabled my logins to Cpanel so I can’t backup my files neither refund my payments , i contacted them again and told the support stuff that I can use social media to make a lot of noise if they didn’t fix my problem
after moments the support guy told me that your problem was fixed and you can log back into your Cpanel, when I logged in I found that they totally deleted all my website files

my website was a big site with almost 9000 visitors a day

what I can do, where can I sue them, I am so sad for all my hard work that was gone

Did you not keep a local back up of the site yourself? It may be advice too late, but you really should keep your own back ups.
Who created the site, was it yourself or a web developer? Surely the developer should have copies of the files that made up the site. Though it may well be missing user added data from uploads and databases. But it’s a start and better than nothing.

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