Inline utf8


echo ‘< meta charset=“utf-8” >’;
$French_string=substr($French_string, 1);
echo $French_string;

I have the code above. and it produces the following


if I remove the meta charset=“utf-8” in the above, the result output “ensée” will be broken like the below.

Blockquote ens챕e

I like to remove the meta charset=“utf-8”. and I like to use “utf8” in the line only instead of influencing all lines in the page.

The would-be code below doesn’t work correctly, but it, i hope, shows what I want.

$French_string=substr($French_string, 1. ‘utf-8’);
echo $French_string;

How can I make it produce “ensée” without broken character with removing “<;meta charset=“utf-8”>” in the head of the code?


Instead of creating your own hack, how about sticking to established standards.

Always declare the encoding of your document using a meta element with a charset attribute, or using the http-equiv and content attributes (called a pragma directive). The declaration should fit completely within the first 1024 bytes at the start of the file, so it’s best to put it immediately after the opening head tag.

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