Inline-SVG not displayed in safari?

I have this in my index.html, and it works perfect in chrome and firefox, but its not showing up in Safari, can anyone tell me why and if there is some workaround?

	<svg id="one" width="50" height="50" viewBox="0 0 100 100" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="">
	  <g id="copy-1" class="group">
	    <g class="large">
	      <path id="large" d="M41.25,40 L42.5,10 L43.75,40 L45,41.25 L75,42.5 L45,43.75 L43.75,45 L42.5,75 L41.25,45 L40,43.75 L10,42.5 L40,41.25z" fill="white" />

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