Infolinks ads not visible

Signed up for infolinks. Got the approval email. Tge ads not showing, its been more than a week. And their support does not care to reply a single email.

Anybody else with a similar problem?

Are you running an adblocker? That will block them.

I visited the Infolinks web site but my adblocker caught it and prevented their site from loading, most probably because they employ some suspect tracking.

Its not because of an adblocker. Tested on multiple devices and locations.

Infolinks have a very limited number of advertisers. So may be they don’t have any advertisement relevant to your niche and location. The second reason may be of an Adblock or related extension installed in your browsers. I would recommend Spoutable native ads as it has a big number of advertisers and can pass through ad-block.

This is not an adblocker issue. My website is based on dogs, and most users are from the united states.

What is surprising is that the support team has STILL not replied. How terrible.

Spoutable ads are blocked by my adbocker :wink:

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