Infinite Canvas from Database

Hi Everyone,

I’m new here and wanted a point in the right direction in terms of any code snippets, templates or advice you may have for a small project. Basically the back end of what I would like to design would be a simple guestbook where ppl would just post a short message into the database. However in terms of the front end, instead of just simply listsing the guestbook posts I would like do display them randomly on what would appear to be an infinite sheet of paper i.e. scroll up down, side to side ‘forever’ to view different comments dotted about. I shouldn’t think it will be too hard to implement but would appreciate any advice or tutorials regarding the best language and method to implement.

All the best,


You may want to look into the basics of PHP and MySQL.
You can have 2 pages, one for collecting comments and the other for showing them.