Infastructure as code

“The thought of modelling infrastructure with code, and then having the ability to design, implement, and deploy applications infrastructure with known software best practices appealed to both software developers and IT infrastructure administrators. The ability to treat infrastructure like code and use the same tools as any other software project would allow developers to rapidly deploy applications.”

So has anyone learned to code by organizing outlines that represent the structure and functionality of the code? These seems as a brilliant combination. To learn to code from our designs. Or rather, That our designs reveal and produce the code we are trying to make. Maybe we have some idea. But we are busy architecting the structure, This idea will be represented in.

So infastructure must be the code architect language. If we are using it that way.

What does people think about infastructure as code?

That’s not what that design pattern is. That design pattern is a way of automating configuration of servers (mostly virtual) instead of manually configuring up the virtual instances.

As a concept, it seems…interesting. But I’m not sure how mature the best practices are for the concept.

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