Industry Directory for Web Design Business


I’m trying to find an industry directory for design agencies in web design for the US market. For instance, in fashion, there is a “who’s who” called LE BOOK, and everybody in the business wants to list themselves with them. I found Ad Age’s list, but its focus seems to be on traditional media. I checked out a few others as well, but they all look kind of sketchy, and I’m not convinced any of them is a definitive reference.

If you have any suggestion, I’d appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

There’s definitely no definitive directory. How would it even be done? There’s hardly universal web standards, let alone any sort of organized governing trade organization, and there’s probably 2 million web designers of varying degrees of legitimacy in the US. Some of the larger dev related sites maintain directories of designers and programmers. There are some large trade organizations. I can’t think of anything specific that would be even remotely conclusive though.

What’s your goal in finding a directory?

I’m just looking to cold-call and network in my job search.

Thank you for your great point. I might have made it sound too official by “definitive”. How about “popular”?


You might do better by doing your own reseach into design companies, for example by searching for their websites. After all, directory entries get out of date, but if a firm has an active website, at least that indicates that they are probably still in business.



This might be the chicken or the egg, but wouldn’t I need to find companies first in order to look at their websites?


Exacly. So you search for, say, “Web design service XXX”, where XXX is your city or region.


Google is the answer, I get it now.