Increase Width of Code Boxes

I’m just wondering if it is possible for the website administrator to increase the width of the “boxes” containing the code wrapped in code tags in posts.

I’ve paid all these $$$$$$$$ for a wide screen monitor and I get these narrow code boxes with all that wasted screen real estate to their right :headbang: :badpc:

It’s a pain in the you know where to scroll across the box most of the time to see all the code :frowning:

Thank you :slight_smile:

just wondering if there is any progress to report and what is the estimated arrival date

thanks :slight_smile:

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Is there a way we can tell who is considered staff? I know staff like HAWK, and such has their user names in black. Then I know team leads have an in with staff. But I never put the connection together where advisors/mentors sat in things

hmmmmmm :scratch: are they holding out for a bigger bribe? :wink:

maybe we’ll have to pass a hat around and take up a collection :slight_smile:

sounds good :slight_smile:

That’s great Kalon. Thanks. :slight_smile: It seems that we found the solution and it is tested… now we have to see if we can implement it… I guess we will have to bribe someone from the dev team at HQ :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I think that the administrator maybe be able to implement it herself.

ok thanks :slight_smile: but it sounds strange :scratch:

I just did a bit of :inspector: at and found this thread which might be of help.

There’s lots of other stuff there as well but I’m sure your staff are aware of it.

I’ll butt out now and leave you to it :slight_smile:

Did they say why it isn’t.

The other similarly themed vBulletin website (see my example link in post no. 3) seems to have code boxes with close to 100% width

ok, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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I didn’t want to spank you at all, just give you some more options :smiley:

We’re discussing possible solutions (well, the geeks of the staff are doing it). We’re trying to do it ourselves because it is much faster. Hopefully, they will be able to address the issue and sort it out for you :slight_smile:

I was already spanked by Mittineague for starting a new thread :smashy: :frowning:

I was hoping you were going to tell me we’re going to get wider code boxes :Partier:

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Next time, if you see that nobody is answering, try to contact a member of the staff. Sometimes moving a thread to other area can make wonders! (although, in this particular case that would have not been suitable… but we would have brought this to the attention of the developers so we could answer you :wink:

Te IE7Pro plugin that works with IE6+ will allow slightly modified versions of Greasemonkey scripts to be run in IE.

I think it would just be a simple matter of changing the inline CSS width. Currently it’s set at 480px, which is very small. That could be changed to something wider, but probably the best option is to set it to something like width: 80%, so that it would resize at different screen/viewport widths. That should be easy to to at HQ (he says, extremely ignorant of VB…)

Modern vB skins seem to have no problem with 100% width reply boxes…

Hmm, I was talking privately with a staff member today, after my post above, and it turns out this is not so simple.

Yep it’s just a CSS change, 480px is a bit small nowadays. I’ve seen many newer vB installs that have much larger reply fields, so the 480 is probably a relic from a bygone age.

80% sounds good.

Indeed. The width is currently set to 700px instead of 480px.
There is a solution in the making for giving the code boxes 100% width.

unless I am loosing it this got done in the last 18ish hours