Incorrect Height Calculation Mac Safari

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Zoom out in mac safari. You’ll see the triangles start to distort. VW is being a bit weird in calculating it seems. Been messing with this for a few hours now with little success. Any ideas?

So i know safari use to have some annoying bugs when it came to rendering SVG’s that from what i understand are fixed in the latest versions of safari. (don’t quote me on that).

So after some quick research on the subject i came across this post which sounds to be a similar problem you are having.


I also used the intrinsic ratio method to cure videos resizing badly in safari so maybe the same approach can help with svg (of which I have no experience).

I ended up just detecting if it’s safari mac, and if so, just use a compartment wrapper (max-width/margin auto) and also putting some JS-made repaints in there. It’s serviceable.
The thing is that the container of those svgs were triangles made with borders. So 0 height and width. That made %'s a no go :frowning: . I did find that article…but meh.

Thank you guys!

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