Include .swf in another one?

Hey there. I created an Embedded COLLADA object with papervision and Flex SDK. Now I have one .swf file with this object and I can rotate it, zoom it and doing everything written in one of my classes (which is embedded too). That .swf, called axe.swf can be ran out of any folder, it’s kind of standalone. BUT. When I want to load this axe.swf file in another file, called index.swf, papervision returns error: “TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. at ColladaExample()”, where ColladaExample() is my AS Class, and doesn’t display anything. That happens only when I run index.swf. If I run axe.swf I see it as I want. Where I got wrong? Thanks in advance! Any help’d be appreciated.

Here are my files. Please guys I really need that help!

Your link doesn’t work

It works, dude.
Here it is again, but when I click it i can download it

I want my thread to be deleted…