In the attribute of this post registry how to know the maximum number i must write?

(identification number(11) not null,

It’s quite unclear what you want. Could you elaborate please?

i mean the number that is to the right of the attribute ofthe registry below this emssage;how do i findout what is the maximum size it can have ?
create table counselor
identification int(11) not null
This is writing in C programming langauge

The maximum value an int can hold in MySQL (assuming that is what you’re using) is 2147483647.


i am using l SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Server 2022 Express

Even if it is for MySQL I guess it’s the same in Mssql

the maximum and minimum numbers that can be stored in an INTEGER column are the same for all databases

but the link you posted (about the “display width”) is only for MySQL, and it’s a fairly good explanation of this feature, except for one problem – it says “If the column has ZEROFILL it will always store the number of characters for that column” but of course that’s not true, because integers are always stored in 4 bytes binary, and in particular the leading zeros are not actually stored as characters

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I am somewhat cautious here…

^ This one gives me pause.

Be careful to be precise about what you’re saying… INT is different from NUMERIC, which are both Transact-SQL types, but have different ranges.

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