In need of simple adjustment of jquery "read more" plugin

This plugin

Two things. Should be simple to the trained eye. I would like to add a smooth animation to its open and close. And two can you see why it adds two characters to any given word it cuts short when it shows the remainder of the text?

I would just use expander plugin but when it shows more of the text it does it with inline-block so the remander of the text drops down on the next line a if a br was inserted. Maybe I was doing that wrong somehow. But could not see why.


I think I figured out the expander plugin. Ill post back if I am wrong

Nope I couldn’t figure out either issue. From what I can tell that just how the expander plugin works. Pretty lame if you ask me.

Hi EricWatson,

I would like to suggest you that if you just want to implement the expand and collapse functionality for “read more”. Then you can achieve it by using jquery, without any extra plugin. You will just have to make some small changes and you get functionality working. If this sounds interesting to you then just reply back to this post, so that i ll provide you the details.

Ya that would be fine and dandy but I believe that would not put the “MORE/LESS” links directly after the expanded and calapsed content.

Meaning there would be break like this…

instead of this… LESS

Nada? Or anyone know of another plugin that does this? To recap I simply want a READ MORE link to display after the ellipsis text and a READ LESS link to display when it’s opened. And it animates open and closed. For such a simple task I’m surprised my googlefu can’t find it.

Hi Eric,

I’ve just woken up, so exuse the obvious question:
You want this plugin to animate open and shut, as opposed to just showing and hiding the content.

Is that correct?

Thanks Pullo. I got the expander plugin working though. The trick was to put it on the containing “p” and not an outside container. And then to make a paragraph break like two paragraphs I had to insert a empty span with some margin seen here